Today everyone knows the importance of learning and speaking the English language. It makes you a global citizen of class and opens you to a whole new world.We also know that English is a 2nd language for most people in India. Speech and Drama helps both, those who know the language and those who don’t.
• Our programme and our trainers are both best suited to meet this purpose.
• Our team of expert trainers are well versed in the English language and have excellent experience of working with children.
• They have been trained to provide your child with well developed curriculum and tools to master the language and express and advocate their ideas!
• They also undergo continuous ongoing training to hone their skills.
• The curriculum is based on materials accepted by Speech and Drama Schools all over the world.

Classes for children:
FULL TIME PROGRAMME – meant for the whole academic year, only for the students who enroll. This class will  be held in our  premises, after school hours on the day suited  for the student.
PART of CURRICULUM-  meant  for the school to  run this as part of the school timetable or as an optional batch , enabling all the children to benefit. In this programme each class will have their own period during school hours.
We also hold classes for this group which will benefit them in the following ways
• Develop confidence
• Speak fluently and clearly
• Correct pronunciation and diction
• Develop  presentation and public speaking skills
• Improve body language and voice
• Become a global citizen

Classes for adults:
We know that adults will also enjoy studying speech and drama and it will benefit them
• Speak English fluently
• Groom personality
• Develop confidence
• Become a global citizen
• Enjoy Dramatization