At the end of the session, the children will be examined for their work and a grade certificate will be awarded.

At the end of a year’s programme, the children will be trained for appearing for the TRINITY COLLEGE of LONDON’S Speech and drama or Communication skills exam. The children will get extra training for it.  The training and exam fee is exclusive of the course fee and the exam is voluntary.

The TRINITY EXAM has international value and is recognized all over the world. The examiners come from abroad for this exam.


• Develops confidence
• Brings fluency in the spoken language
• Corrects pronunciation and diction
• Builds personality
• Develops creative thinking
• Benefits academics
• Builds public speaking abilities
• Develops correct reading
• Develops interpersonal relationships
• Team spirit

• Speech and Drama Is an ancient way recognized by today’s modern educationist as the need of the hour and a savior of children in these stressful times!
• Due to the capacity to ACT through the voice, it has been aptly named as ENGLISH as a PERFORMING ART.
• It has been devised keeping today’s young children in mind. It is meant to enhance  all round development of children—knowing, understanding, learning, creating and developing; thus widening their vision and horizon.
• Speech and Drama, the whole world over, is being used as a creative tool for children. The western world has recognized its benefits and is even using it as a therapy. It’s a field which helps children polish their personalities without any stress! It fills the child with enthusiasm and creates positive energy.