A famous Chinese proverb says,Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.
To educate children requires a sound understanding of their needs, their likes and dislikes and a deeper knowledge about how they grow and learn. Therefore the process of training teachers and to become perceptive about children is very important.


Our TYT (Teach Your Tutor) Teachers’ Training Course with specialization in English is unique in its concept. It addresses both the needs of the school as well as  students and  aims to develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge required in a teacher to meet all the developmental needs of young children. An important component of the course is classroom management skills which in reality is the most used and implemented part of the training. The 4 week program covers all these aspects to make the course as effective as possible. The teachers are also taught how to teach the 4 language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.


  • Our aim is to bring about a transformation in the attitude of the teachers related to her professional functioning from being a task master to be a helper and from instructing to evoking.


  • To empower the teachers to plan and implement developmentallyappropriate learning and  social, emotional, intellectual, and physical competence and establish and maintain positive and productive relationships with students.


  • To facilitate trainee teachers an understanding of the significance, scope and nature of education along with variations in all areas of Human Development.
  • To enable trainee teachers to develop the attitudes, skills, insights and teaching strategies necessary to be able to work with young children and parents.
  • To acquaint with concepts, principles and approaches to planning and implement developmentally appropriate knowledge that advances holistic development of the student and institute.
  • To make the trainees understand nuances of classroom management.
  • To support the development and learning of individual children and recognize that children are best understood in the context of their family, culture, and society.



  • Well known faculty from Education Industry
  • Program completed in 4 stages. (20 hrs each at a time)
  • The first 20 hrs introduces the teachers professionally of being in a workplace and having a 360 degree view of all their roles.
  • Lot of different strategies are used for Teaching
  • Extensive training in terms of vocabulary, pronunciation, grooming and presentation and removing inhibitions and stereotyping.
  • Coverage of 30-40 topics in total. One hr per day is dedicated to English Language Speech, Reading, Writing and Listening exercises.
  • Lessons are reviewed and teaching is done through simple fun exercises to break the rigidity of the teachers.
  • Every course comes with a Certificate of Completion where the participants are recognized for completing the course.


No teacher training course is complete without being in a real classroom with students to see how we can implement the skills learnt. Therefore the most important part of any teacher training course is the Practice Teaching sessions. After completion of 20 hours of Teacher Teaching the teachers are accessed in the next quarter periodically in their teaching practice. These sessions are observed and feedback given to improve one’s teaching skills.



  • Monday to Friday, 4hrs everyday


  • School Premises.