This workshop is entirely a physical activity that removes the fear of  taking our feet out of the ground and going up and down by learning as well some drops that will challenge our senses of fear and security by actually showing that falling is a way of being secure. This activity is about warming up to climb the objects, developing confidence on air, learning the hooks and figures, falls and drops in air and beautifully creating sequences.

Aerial Skill classes are for students ages 12 or older, and Junior Aerial Skill classes are for ages 8-11.

 Level 1 is designed for new students who must be in good health, and in proper physical condition to participate in such activity. The classes are held in the school premises and equipment is set by us.

Students are encouraged to learn aerial arts at their own pace. We insist on a mastery of basic skills before progressing to skills requiring more strength, endurance, stability, and understanding. Our program is based on Levels (1-5)  that build on each other.